Introducing CVMG

The Complementary Veterinary Medicine Group (CVMG) was officially inaugurated in July 2000, under the auspices of the South African Veterinary Association. The objective of the group is to act as a forum for discussion and exchange of information with regards to alternative therapies for animals, for both the general public and the veterinary profession.

In recent years there has been a tremendous increase in interest and demand for alternative animal therapies, and the internet is providing much information. Many people are searching for a holistic and integrative approach to their pet’s health. It is essential that concerned owners are referred to an appropriately trained veterinarian. The welfare of the animal is paramount. To this end the CVMG encourages a high standard of training and competency in the integrative treatment of animals (cats, dogs and birds; cattle, sheep and horses).

The group encourages professional training and education of those vets interested and the CVMG has successfully held courses in veterinary acupuncture and homeopathy since 2005. We also hosted a well-known holistic veterinarian from America, as well as the current world authority in vaccination programmes for dogs and cats, at the World Veterinary Congress held in Cape Town in October 2011. The group is constantly sourcing certified courses in herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), homotoxicology and physical rehabilitation therapy, to name a few. Details of these are regularly updated on the CVMG website events page.