Magnetic Therapy

By Dr. Megan Kelly Over the last 5 years the earth has lost 50% of its magnetic energy. Scientists predict it will lose 5% each century. There will come a day when the earth’s magnetic energy reaches zero. Will life … Read More


Good nutrition is vital to produce and maintain a state of health. Health may be defined as a state of well being in which the body thrives and functions at optimal levels. Most of the information about feeding pets today … Read More

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The information presented here is from individual group members and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of every member. Q: How often should I vaccinate my dog or cat? There are varying opinions on the question of whether to vaccinate … Read More

About Vaccinations

Professor Richard B. Ford is Professor of Medicine at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. He serves on both the AAHA Canine Vaccination Task Force and AAFP Feline Vaccination Advisory Panel. In this lecture Professor Ford discusses the … Read More